Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oops! Forgot about that!

It's less than three weeks to go and getting down to the wire. I thought I had everything under control and ready to go. UNTIL we did a list on Chris and the Crew about the latest in weddings. One of them was napkins with trivia on them instead of the regular cocktail napkins with the bride and groom names with the wedding date. Huh! I never got any of those...completely slipped my mind. I think I thought about them briefly and decided they weren't necessary but yesterday I suddenly wanted them really bad! So I put an order in today and assume they will hopefully be here in time for the wedding. At the very least it will be nice for me and Joe to have a couple of them to keep. Meanwhile, I have all my lists with everything I need to do leading up to, the day before and the day of. I have my lists with everything that needs to go to the venue the day before and everything I will need for the day of. I am in pretty good shape. There are still some things that I need to do but the list is getting smaller which is a relief. I'm in the midst of trying to decide everything to put in the hotel welcome baskets (or in our case...welcome beach pail). The dollar store is turning out to be my best friend in this department! Anything you forgot about or didn't get that you ended up regretting? Please let me know. Thanks!

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