Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oops! Forgot about that!

It's less than three weeks to go and getting down to the wire. I thought I had everything under control and ready to go. UNTIL we did a list on Chris and the Crew about the latest in weddings. One of them was napkins with trivia on them instead of the regular cocktail napkins with the bride and groom names with the wedding date. Huh! I never got any of those...completely slipped my mind. I think I thought about them briefly and decided they weren't necessary but yesterday I suddenly wanted them really bad! So I put an order in today and assume they will hopefully be here in time for the wedding. At the very least it will be nice for me and Joe to have a couple of them to keep. Meanwhile, I have all my lists with everything I need to do leading up to, the day before and the day of. I have my lists with everything that needs to go to the venue the day before and everything I will need for the day of. I am in pretty good shape. There are still some things that I need to do but the list is getting smaller which is a relief. I'm in the midst of trying to decide everything to put in the hotel welcome baskets (or in our case...welcome beach pail). The dollar store is turning out to be my best friend in this department! Anything you forgot about or didn't get that you ended up regretting? Please let me know. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The wedding manicure...

I used to be a manicurist so I am obviously very into nails...particularly my own. I've always taken very good care of my nails and keep them polished and hopefully looking nice. So obviously I want them to look nice on the day of the wedding especially since they will be in so many pictures with the rings and all. I have been keeping them trimmed so they won't be too long for the day of or start breaking and then be too short. I have put a lot of thought into this...lol. Like I said...I have always been into my nails. I have always been a fan of the french manicure...I just love the classic, elegant look to it. So I always assumed that is what I would get for the day I get married. BUT since the bridesmaids are wearing red it would be fine if I got them red instead of the french. Which is also nice because it's not what every other bride does. I really am still leaning toward the french but there are a couple of issues that makes getting the perfect french manicure difficult. I would definitely want it to be airbrushed because that just looks nicer but if you get this done on a regular basis you know that often the white tips start almost immediately to get cracks in them. I'm not sure how much of an issue this will be when seeing them up close in pictures but it is a concern. I would also want to get a french done at home the day before the wedding because I don't know any salons down there and don't want to go somewhere I've never been before not knowing how good a job they do. That would also mean potentionally chipping the polish since we have to take a ton of stuff to the wedding venue the day before so I would be lifting a lot of boxes and such. Or I could just take the easy route and get red. Should I go with what I really want or with what is easier?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's already started! I have to sit with who?

I'm trying to get the seating arrangements worked out and obviously you want to use as few tables as possible so it's been some work figuring out who will sit where. I've already had requests from people of those they do want to sit with and those they don't want to sit with. Ironically it all seems to be my side of the family that is causing the issues. I wrote down the tables for Joe's side and he's like...oh yeah...those are definitely the right spots for everybody. I know some people will end up being upset with where they are sitting or sitting with but you really do have to mix some different groups together or they will be 25 tables of 12 with 4 people sitting at them. One of my least favorite parts of the wedding planning process. Did anyone get people who were really mad about where they sat?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who gets what???

I've been talking with some people about who needs to be tipped on the day of the wedding and who doesn't. I think everyone assumes they will be tipped. Some have said you don't have to tip the DJ but I do think the DJ typically gets a tip. Also...we are paying a maitre d charge but I believe they are also expecting a tip at the end of the night. If they do get tipped...any idea on how much you are supposed to give them? I am also having my hairdresser come to the hotel room and do all the girls hair in the wedding party. She will also need a tip....but will it be the usual 20 percent you would pay at a salon? I am also not sure what is appropriate for drivers of the limo/bus. And I believe there will also be a transportation coordinator at the venue organizing the transportation back to the hotel. How much do I give this guy? LOL...it seems like it never ends. Please let me know if I forgot someone and help me out with some amounts. Much appreciated! And no...I'm not tipping the photographer...he's getting enough!!!